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Equipping Businesses Through Technology

Leverage cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to help your business grow and stay ahead.


From network management to end-user support, our IT solutions are designed to keep your operations running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best.

Helpful Support

Experience support like never before. We offer direct SMS communication and immediate call scheduling with our engineers, cutting through the usual IT jargon to provide you with tailored insights.

Cybersecurity & Insurance

Small businesses often become cyber targets. With our help, you'll adopt enterprise-level security practices, fortifying your digital world against threats.

Process Development

From email setup to systematic onboarding and offboarding, we streamline your IT processes for maximum efficiency, ensuring your business runs smoother every day.


UniFi Enterprise-Grade Networking

Your end-to-end solution for seamless networking, communication, and security. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to ensuring small businesses have access to top-tier technology solutions without the complexity. With our Unify Consulting, you get a holistic service, from designing the right infrastructure for your business, guiding you through its implementation, to expert remote configuration. Enjoy the enterprise-grade experience tailored for your small business needs.

System Design

Collaboratively, we'll architect a UniFi network system that aligns with your ministry's vision and budget. We understand the uniqueness of each facility and tailor our designs to match your specific requirements.

Implementation Support

Our approach empowers your volunteer teams with the necessary knowledge to install the network equipment. By working alongside your dedicated members, we ensure a smooth implementation process.

Remote Configuration

To maximize cost-efficiency, we specialize in remote network configurations. For around $600, we can set up a complete UniFi network, guiding you to provide remote access securely. The primary investment is in the hardware—our expertise in configuration ensures that your resources are optimized.


Comprehensive Technology Management

Beyond conventional IT, our technology management services extend to AV support, encompassing all the technical aspects of your ministry. From Sunday service production to daily administrative tasks, our Managed IT ensures every tech facet is addressed, aligning technology with your mission.

Mobile Device Management

Navigate the complexities of device management with Mosyle, ensuring seamless deployment and security for all your Apple devices.

Apple Business Essentials

Utilize Apple's in-house MDM solution for streamlined device setup, app distribution, and automated updates, simplifying the Apple experience.

Apple Custom Store Setup

Access tailored solutions and savings on Apple products through custom store options, ensuring your business has the right tools without the hefty price tag.