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We have the experience necessary to successfully complete complex projects.


Why E.B. Green Consulting

At E.B. Green Consulting, we believe our IT solutions have the ability to transform the way you work. We love the work we do, which is why we’re dedicated to providing service that exceeds each and every one of your expectations for your business and technology. When you partner with us, our experts are in it for the long haul. Whether you’re an established mid-sized business looking to improve your internal network structure or a tech start-up in need of full-fledged IT and business support, E.B. Green Consulting is your answer.

When you choose CTS, you choose your business.

Why Choose Us

Out of sight, out of mind. By working with CTS, you can stop wasting time and manpower worrying about tech and internet problems. Instead, you and your teams can focus on improving your product or services, building your client-base, and increasing revenue.

Quick Response

With our quick response rate and efficient IT solutions, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about your network or computers.


With years of combined experience in the IT industry, the smartIT team is able to create solutions that help businesses get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors.

Incredible Project Management

We’ve helped countless businesses and non-profits optimize their workflows by handling all of their technology, IT, and office needs for them – completely.

Our Certifications

Our Capabilities Statement


541611 – Administrative and General Management Consulting Services

541611 – Audio visual and IT systems integration design services

541613 – Facilities (clients) support services, computer systems or data processing

238210 – Computer and network cable installation

484210 – Institutional Furniture and Office Goods Moving

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