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JPMC Sky Harbor Decommissioning

Project Details

Client: JPMC Sky Harbor
Collaborative Partner: The Meehan Group
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Completion Year: 2022


Project Overview


ClearScope Technology Solutions (CTS) embarked on a comprehensive project at the Sky Harbor location, aimed at managing a significant relocation and technology decommissioning operation. The project was structured into distinct phases, encompassing the relocation of a substantial workforce and the systematic decommissioning of tech equipment.

Project Challenges

The project presented a complex set of challenges:

  1. Employee Relocation: Moving 3,050 employees in 5 structured phases.
  2. Technology Decommissioning: Executing this in 2 phases, it involved meticulous disconnection, removal, sorting, and packing of various tech equipment. This process was critical for ensuring the efficient reuse and decommissioning of the technology.

Project Execution

Strategy and Implementation

Sky Harbor Exit – 5 Move Phases

  • Relocation of 3,050 employees, executed in a staggered manner to minimize disruption. This was managed through a well-orchestrated timeline, ensuring seamless transition for each group of employees.

    Sky Harbor Tech Decommissioning – 2 Phases
  • The process involved disassembling and preparing tech equipment for either reuse or decommission. Specific tasks included:
    • Handling desktop technology, monitors, VDI’s, Zoom cameras, and audio extension cables.
    • Efficiently packing and palletizing items for pickup.
    • Clearing workstations and file cabinets of leftover contents and trash.
    • Scheduling the decommissioning work across different dates to ensure systematic progress.

Outcomes and Achievements

The project was a resounding success, marked by:

  • Efficient relocation of 3,050 employees without significant work disruption.
  • Systematic decommissioning and sorting of technology, paving the way for responsible reuse and recycling.
  • Adherence to a strict timeline, ensuring that all phases were completed as per schedule.


Partner with CTS for Your Relocation Needs
The Sky Harbor project by ClearScope Technology Solutions stands as a testament to our expertise in managing large-scale technology relocation and decommissioning projects. For your next relocation project, trust CTS to deliver with precision and efficiency. Contact our sales team at for more information and to discuss how we can assist with your specific needs.