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IT Relocation Services

Citibank Operations Center

Project Details

Client: Citibank Operations Center
Collaborative Partner: The Meehan Group
Location: San Antonio, TX
Completion Year: 2022


Project Overview


ClearScope Technology Solutions (CTS) spearheaded a comprehensive project to facilitate the transition of employees to a Work from Home (WFH) setup in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative entailed a detailed process of packing, inventorying, and redistributing essential work items from the office to employees’ homes.

Project Challenges

The project presented a complex set of challenges:

The primary challenge was managing the logistics of transferring a significant amount of office equipment and personal items securely and efficiently to employees’ homes. This involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure all items were accounted for and reached the correct recipients without any loss or damage.

Project Execution

1. Personal Item Management

Packing and Inventory: Each employee’s desk contents were carefully packed. This included documenting and photographing all items in drawers and on desk surfaces.
Staging and Distribution: Packed items were moved to a designated staging area. From here, employees were scheduled for curbside pickup of their belongings, ensuring a smooth, contactless transfer.

2. Tech Decommissioning

Equipment Disconnection and Sorting: Desktop technology was disconnected, sorted, and packed. Specific processes were followed for different types of equipment:
Monitors: Separated into categories for reuse or decommissioning.
Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs): Sorted for either reuse or decommissioning.
Ancillary Items: Keyboards, mice, and patch cables were speed packed for reuse.
Site Clearance: After the removal of technology and personal items, workstations and file cabinets were cleared of any remaining contents and trash.

Outcomes and Achievements

The project was successfully executed with precision, leading to a seamless transition for employees to a WFH environment. The methodical approach ensured that all personal and technological assets were accounted for and safely delivered, maintaining operational continuity during a critical period.


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