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Website Design

NIL - Kateri Poole

Crafting a Digital Toast: The TSV Spirits Journey

Our team embarked on an exciting journey to develop a vibrant, interactive website for Kateri Poole, a star player of LSU Women’s Basketball. Our task was multi-fold: to create a platform that encapsulates Kateri’s dynamic personality and on-court prowess, while integrating advanced features such as SEO optimization, responsive web design, and engaging multimedia content. The goal was to not only highlight Kateri’s achievements but also to offer an immersive fan experience through intuitive navigation and interactive elements.



Our mission was multifaceted – design a website that not only showcases Kateri Poole’s athletic prowess and personal brand but also engages her fans. The task involved intricate web design, robust SEO strategies, captivating photography and video content, motion design for a lively feel, strategic social media integration, and comprehensive CG design work. A key challenge was to create a seamless blend of sports and style that resonates with Kateri’s personality and audience.



The outcome is a stunning digital portfolio that captures the essence of Kateri Poole. The website boasts a modern design with intuitive navigation, enhanced by SEO optimization ensuring high visibility. The integration of high-quality photography and motion design brings Kateri’s story to life, while the engaging video content highlights her career highlights and personal insights. Social media integration has created a buzzing online community, and our email marketing strategies continue to amplify Kateri’s reach and engagement with her growing fan base. The project is a testament to blending technology with creativity to create a personal brand that truly stands out.