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Our Partners

Learn more about our strategic partnerships and discover how to partner with us.

Our Software Partners

Our years of experience and expertise with complementary partner relationships, and together we define clear strategic goals, implement new hardware and services, and continually offer the most reliable and cutting–edge technology solutions.

Our Technology Approach
When it comes to technology, your business deserves options. That’s why CTS takes a vendor-neutral approach to hardware. We’ve created long-lasting relationships with leading OEMs worldwide, and that means you get access to thousands of high-quality devices, consumables, and accessories.
Our Hardware Partners
Together, we are positioned to take care of all your technology needs.

Vendor-Neutral Approach

We take a consultative, vendor-neutral approach to helping your business get the products it needs. That means you get access to leading products from all the major OEMs with no pushy sales tactics.

Competitive Pricing

Get the products and hardware you need without breaking your budget. We’ve spent over four decades building strong relationships with manufacturers, allowing us to offer better pricing across the board.

High-Quality Products

We’ll never recommend a product for your business if we don’t think it’s the right fit. We’ll help you find the perfect, high-performance product to meet your business’s unique needs and budget.

Simple Access

Why waste time comparing devices from multiple suppliers? With CTS, you can get all the technology your business needs to thrive from one vendor.

Partner with Us

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