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IT Relocation

We provide the experience, efficiency, and organization you need to relocate your business’s technology with professional moving support from.

Seamless IT Relocation & IMAC Services"

Expert Management for Hassle-Free IT
Transitions and Deployments

Navigate the complexities of IT relocation with our specialized services, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our IMAC management approach streamlines installations, moves, additions, and changes, adapting to your dynamic business needs. Experience hassle-free deployments with our comprehensive support, tailored to align technology seamlessly with your evolving workspace requirements.

Our Services

Seamless IT Relocation and Deployment Services

Relocation Project Management

We work with your move manager, or provide the entire project management planning with your detailed direction. Our experience allows us to cover all aspects of your move, so nothing is left to chance.

Technology Installation

Whether you’re bringing new technology into your business, refreshing outdated hardware, or simply relocating equipment from one space to another, professional installation is often the fastest, most reliable way to make sure your project runs smoothly. Our expert installers are here to provide you with total installation support.

Workspace Decommissioning

Workspace Decommissioning Workspace decommissioning is the process of relocating surplus, unwanted or potentially unsafe items of office furniture and technology from your inventory. Our Green Standards sustainably manages and details the resale, shredding, recycling, and donation of office technology and furniture while eliminating waste.

Office Move

Should you be relocating to a new premise, refurbishing existing facilities, or relocating from one business to another, we can manage your office technology and furniture relocation. Our team works with you to scope, plan, and execute the seamless transfer of your operations to ensure business continues and there is minimal impact on you, your clients, and your employees.

Settling Into a New Location

Our team of movers and PC workstation technicians have the experience required to adapt to new and challenging situations. Often, a new PC workstation will require innovative wire management and desktop configuration. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to get all computers, monitors, phones, peripheral items, and printers up and running. We can even set up and install your furniture for an easy transition.

Your delegated Project Manager is chosen based on his/her particular experience with your business line. But no matter what category your business falls into, we know you can expect a high level of professionalism.

Seamless IT Relocation:
Your Technology, Our Expertise

Experience unparalleled service with our IT Relocation team. We specialize in providing a seamless transition for your technology assets, ensuring every aspect of the move is meticulously planned and executed. Our approach guarantees minimal downtime, allowing you to maintain business continuity with confidence. We understand the value of your tech equipment and handle it with utmost care, ensuring secure transportation and setup. Our extensive experience in IT relocation enables us to offer customized solutions that fit your unique needs. From the initial assessment to the final installation in your new space, our focus remains on preserving the integrity and functionality of your technology. Trust us to make your move smooth, secure, and stress-free, so you can hit the ground running in your new location.

Complex Relocation Assistance

The successful management of a large or complex relocation requires many specialized skills, which are rarely found in-house. Thankfully, our experts have these skills. We make sure you don’t underestimate the amount of planning involved in getting your business up and running on its first day at the new location.

PC Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Large scale office moves involve moving dozens or even hundreds of people in a single day. Your IT staff already have many tasks to handle. The Clancy Data Technicians can easily and accurately handle moving several PC workstations in one day. They will inventory every main component and peripheral, move it, and reassemble it to ensure personnel is ready to work the following day. 

Our office technology relocation services include:

  • Desktop disconnect/reconnect
  • Monitor arm installation
  • Sit-stand desk wire management
  • Datacenter/server room equipment
Our Office IT Relocation Services Include
  • Desktop disconnect/reconnect
  • Monitor arm installation
  • Sit-stand desk wire management
  • Data center/server room equipment
Day-One On-Site Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will be on-site during your relocation to provide you with support. The manager helps you plan, document, and coordinate all activities for pre-, during, and post-relocation phases. We’ll prepare and manage detailed inventories, workstation allocation spreadsheets, RFPs for any services that need to be outsourced, develop risk management plans, help with the orientation to the new facilities, and we’ll keep you fully informed at all times.

Staff Communications

Relocating to a new location causes anxiety in even the most dedicated staff. We provide individual staff with an understanding of what is required of them by utilizing pre-relocation bulletins, welcome packets, building tours, and all-staff meetings. We sit with individuals to discuss their specific needs. Alternative workplace strategies such as open floorplans, working from home, collaborative spaces, and increased technology deployment, are all taken into consideration.

Post Relocation Support

New questions, requests, complaints, and even compliments will come pouring in as employees arrive and acclimate to their new surroundings. It is important to prioritize these requests and satisfy them in a timely manner. CTS post-relocation support center helps you alleviate any staff anxieties. Working with your internal teams, CTS project managers will see to it that everyone is up and running as quickly as possible.

Office Decommissioning

CTS can assist in decommissioning any vacated spaces by coordinating the disposal of assets and furniture or returning the space to meet all leasehold requirements. From the removal of low-voltage cabling, signage removal, restoring electrical and plumbing infrastructure, we will return a previously occupied space to whatever condition is required.

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