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Audio Visual Solutions

Customized AV and Digital Signage Solutions built to meet your needs

Interactive Technology Solutions

Elevate Your Event with Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Solutions

At E.B. Green Consulting, we specialize in delivering top-notch audio, video, and interactive technology services, specifically designed for corporate gatherings and events. Our dedicated team of audiovisual professionals is committed to making your next company event truly outstanding. We collaborate with you from the initial idea to the final execution, ensuring the provision of the finest AV solutions equipped with the latest technology.

Transforming Corporate Gatherings:
At E.B. Green Consulting, we offer unparalleled audio, video, lighting, and interactive technology services tailored for corporate events.

Professional Expertise, Exceptional Service:
Our team of audiovisual experts is dedicated to making your company event a memorable experience.

From Concept to Execution:
We work closely with you to provide cutting-edge AV solutions, ensuring your vision is realized with the latest technology.

Our Audio Visual services

What we do

Meeting Spaces

We create reliable, turnkey AV and unified communication environments for interactive meeting rooms, huddle rooms, boardrooms, conference spaces, etc. This includes standalone mobile stations and custom integrations.

Conferences and Trade Shows

We design and implement custom solutions for large conference rooms and lecture halls, as well as huddle rooms and mobile solutions to deliver a universal experience regardless of location.

Digital Signage

Whether you need messaging systems or streaming video feeds, we design solutions that incorporate creative displays, automated content and meeting room management.

Training Workshops and Seminars

We develop classroom and training space AV solutions including specialized presentation systems, custom displays and integrated audio solutions.

Technology Demonstrations

For corporations, special events and more, we have extensive experience in large-scale AV environments and support.

Concerts and Festivals

We design and implement custom solutions for Concerts and Festivals to deliver a universal experience regardless of location.

Interactive Technology Support

Expert Maintenance + Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after installation. We offer an assortment of robust repair and maintenance services to keep your AV equipment up and running smoothly.

Our Digital Signage services

Revolutionize Your Space with Next-Gen Digital Signage

Scalable, Reliable, Managed

Enterprise Digital Signage

Experience the future of digital displays with our cutting-edge digital signage services. Tailor messages with ease, captivate audiences through high-definition visuals, and harness the power of smart technology to deliver impactful, timely content. Elevate your brand's presence and engage with your audience like never before.

Managed Digital Signage Solutions

CTS Digital Signage Enterprise Solution

Every digital signage solution works by combining:

  • A digital display or screen
  • A media player
  • Digital signage software or Content Management Software (CMS)
  • The content itself

What makes our  digital signage solutions unique is the level of support, customization and a full-service managed platform.

With the option to scale up or down as needed, managed services, installation, content design, and our signature care support, we handle the process from start to finish and beyond.

Our solutions also handle important security concerns with multi-factor authorization and three layers of permissions/hierarchy.

Managed Services

We fully manage your digital signage solution so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Our software is scalable and works on 1 or 100s of screens.


Keep your systems secured with multi-factor authorization and multiple permission levels.

Enterprise Digital Signage Support

CTS Support is designed for complex enterprise-grade solutions. With a focus on minimizing downtime and providing critical support, our signature care package contains what’s needed for a smooth deployment.

Personalized Support

Avoid Downtime with 24/7 access to digital signage experts

Tech Refresh

Provides free digital signage players once every 3 years

Lifetime Warranty

Advanced replacement of devices, all expenses paid

Enhanced Support

Faster SLAs and turnaround with a dedicated project coordinator

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