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About: E.B. Green Consulting

From humble beginnings in ministry tech to pioneering IT solutions for small and medium-sized organizations, we’re on a mission to enhance your technological experience.

E.B. Green Consulting Inc

From humble beginnings in ministry tech to pioneering IT solutions for small and medium-sized organizations, we’re on a mission to enhance your technological experience.

Guiding Principles


We acknowledge the vastness of the tech landscape. Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and better serve our clients.


Good enough is never enough. We strive for the pinnacle of quality in all our services, ensuring your tech experience is unparalleled.


From support via text to our app launchpad, we're always looking for novel ways to make technology friendlier and more efficient for our clients.

Solving IT for the 1-99 Organization

The underserved space of small businesses with 1 to 99 employees faces E.B. Green Consulting Inc challenges. Often too big for ad hoc solutions yet not quite ready for a full-fledged IT department, these businesses find themselves in a bind. We step in to bridge that gap, offering them a tailored IT department for the cost of a part-time or full-time employee, depending on their size. We aim to guide them from their startup phase to becoming a thriving SMB. While we derive insights from the methods of big businesses, we customize and make them fitting for the small business landscape.

Striving to Delight Our Clients

At our core, we offer support, but we envision it differently. We believe in elevating the traditional IT service experience. Our clients aren’t just another ticket number; they're partners. We're one of the few who provide SMS-based support, enabling clients to text us an issue and receive prompt assistance. Whether it's an email, chat, a scheduled call, or even just a 15-minute booked session with an IT expert for that nagging Excel issue, we're there. Our mission isn’t just to fix problems—it’s to equip users, enhance their daily technology experience, and always deliver service that’s both friendly and knowledgeable.


UniFi Enterprise-Grade Networking

From our humble beginnings in 2019, we've come a long way, expanding our reach to offer consulting services nationwide. In our initial days, we carved a niche with network engineering and delivering turnkey solutions tailored for businesses. But with time and insights, we realized the true essence of vision isn't always about saying 'yes'. It's often about making choices, and sometimes saying 'no', even to what we started with. This led us to pivot our primary focus towards managed IT services, a decision that has propelled our growth and solidified our commitment to specialized consulting. We've grown not just in size, but in clarity and purpose, and are excited about the journey ahead.


Shaping the Nationwide IT Frontier

While many IT companies offer great local support, their impact is often confined. We're bridging this gap, aiming for nationwide excellence. By initiating with comprehensive on-site onboarding, we set the foundation for impeccable technology. We motivate clients to use premium tech through attractive upgrade incentives. Investing in sophisticated remote tools, we ensure consistent, high-quality support. As IT evolves, we're leading with reliable technologies, shifting our focus from fixing problems to strategic consulting. In a world where IT's role is transforming, we're shaping the future, eyeing nationwide impact.

Proactive Elimination

We actively identify and phase out technologies prone to on-site failures. By deploying reliable networking, robust phones, and efficient printers, we aim to drastically reduce the need for physical support visits

Strategic Consulting Evolution

As IT's role pivots, we're ahead of the curve, focusing on future-proof strategies over mere fixes.

Advanced Remote Tools

Pioneering the best in remote support tools, ensuring problems are addressed efficiently, anytime, anywhere.


Points of Presence

Our strategically chosen locations.
🌴 Fort Myers, Florida

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Fort Myers, this is where our vision took root. It's not just a location—it’s the core from which our innovative ideas spread nationwide. Fort Myers remains an emblem of our humble beginnings and our unwavering commitment to serve businesses with the best in IT solutions.

🚀 Huntsville, Alabama (Future Headquarters)

Huntsville, Alabama, widely recognized as Rocket City, is set to become our new home base in 2024. Rooted in rich engineering history and being home to monumental achievements like the Saturn V development, it's a beacon for innovation. Strategically positioned near the U.S. population center and major flight hubs like Atlanta, it empowers us to catapult our nationwide responsiveness. Beyond the strategic advantage, the picturesque landscapes of Huntsville beckon, encapsulating our vision of growth, history, and the future.